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Commodity Competition 

The 2023 Undergraduate Commodity Competition will be the nations first fundamental based undergraduate commodity competition. It allows undergraduate students from across the nation to demonstrate their proficiency in commodity knowledge, investment research, and presentation to our panel of judges from top firms across Houston.

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Pitch Criteria

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing a security


  • Each team will select, research, and pitch a commodity equity or trade idea (future, spread, etc.) to a panel of industry judges. Teams will have 12 minutes to present their ideas and 10 minutes for Q&A.


  • At least half of the team must be consisting of underclassman (freshman/sophomores) when pitching.

  • All teams must have 2-4 students from the same university.


  • Final presentation should be in Standard (4:3) PPT and PDF Format only.

  • Resumes must be in One-Page, PDF Format only.

  • The One-Pager must be in PDF Format only.

Judge Criteria

  • Judges will have 5 criteria they will judge on: Creativity, Understanding of the Commodity, Profitability of the Idea, Modeling, and Presentation. They will judge each criteria on a scale of 1 to 10, and the team with the highest point total will win.

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