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Cultivating Houston's Greatest Talent.
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Bayou Capital Group is an esteemed Undergraduate Investment Fund at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, which provides opportunities to all undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Houston. With a stringent selection process that accommodates only 30 members, we are proud to cultivate the most exceptional talent present at the University of Houston. Our organization is the premier finance organization within the University, facilitating the achievement of students' aspirations of securing employment with top-ranking firms nationwide. We offer an intensive curriculum, coupled with professional development initiatives, to provide students with the necessary support and guidance to succeed in the highly competitive finance and trading industry.

Each semester, BCG seeks to add new members who share in the clubs passion in finance. We look for a diverse group of people who are driven to accomplish their professional goals. We place particular emphasis on:
  • Proven academic excellence
  • Interest in ​​financial markets and strong passion to learn and engage
  • Driven individuals who place emphasis on achieving their professional goals
Membership Experience
BCG offers socials every week throughout the semester to interact, and develop lasting friendships with your peers; it be through basketball, coffee chats, trips to different cities, and sporting events or even dodgeball! BCG brings together a group of incredibly intelligent, like-minded students, creating an amazing community for your four years on campus and beyond.
New members will be placed into industry groups where they will be led by their Portfolio Manager in creating 3 stock pitches during the semester. Through this process members will learn fundamental valuation skills, and how to create and present a stock pitch. Allowing students to gain valuable hands-on experience throughout the year.
Our curriculum is based on what is current in the financial and trading industry giving students the leading knowledge they need to be successful, Combined our speaker series where we host industry professionals to give students networking opportunities. We give students the tools to best prepare to land internships and full-time positions.
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