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We are Houston's Premier Investment Club.

Our History

Bayou Capital Group was established in 2019 by seven like-minded individuals with one common goal: to educate undergraduate students about intelligent securities investing through interactive equity research. As a premier undergraduate investment club at the esteemed C.T. Bauer College of Business, Bayou Capital Group operates with a high degree of selectivity, attracting the finest talent available in Houston.

What We Offer

Our primary objective at BCG is to provide students who aspire to pursue prominent finance roles with the requisite tools to achieve academic excellence and competitive edge. In addition to these tools, BCG extends various resources to facilitate the attainment of internship and full-time job placements at highly-regarded firms. Moreover, we offer students an opportunity to compete at our esteemed Undergraduate Commodity Competition, which serves as a platform for them to exhibit their proficiency to industry professionals.

Our System
Our investment team is an opportunity to delve into an immersive environment in which members can expect to conduct interactive research about companies through their financials. Portfolio Managers and their Analysts will collaborate to create equity reports and present stock pitches with the intention of adding a company into their industry portfolio 
In order to secure top placement in finance, we believe our members need to be equipped with the skills to successfully produce financial models with the intention of accurately valuing a company. We aim to give our members a fundamental understanding of the different valuation methods and how to apply them in practical cases.
Stock Pitch
Our members will have the opportunity to apply their skills in financial modeling and equity research to produce an investment thesis that they will present to a panel of professionals at the end of every semester. Every semester our top members will have the opportunity to compete in stock pitch competitions across the nation, allowing the opportunity to showcase their skills to industry professionals.
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